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Welcome to the online home of The 21st Century Media Alliance, a creative umbrella of New Media and other creative enterprises (including scripted and non-scripted broadcasting) and professionals.  We look forward to sharing additional information about our group in the time ahead, but for now, here is some basic information about the entities who comprise this coalition*.


The FDH Lounge brought “The Great American Radio Show on Internet TV” to the Sports Talk Network on January 14, 2007, spinning off of the FantasyDraftHelp.com brand with a commitment to apply the same level commitment to quality analysis to the widest area of content anywhere.  With the brash catchphrase “nothing is off-topic,” The “Dignitaries” of The FDH Lounge have taken on the broadest array of sports, along with pop culture, politics, geopolitics, movies, TV, pro wrestling, technology and much more.  Possessing wit and wisdom, the crew makes every topic lively without resorting to any of the hackneyed punchlines and clickbait prevalent on the current landscape.  In-house panels have been supplemented by hundreds of guests, some of them famous, such as Bob Barker, Steve Perry, Tommy Lasorda and Liz Claman — but all being amazing people with unique stories to tell.  The unrivaled record of this talk show continues to build over time, now as a podcast with the discontinuation of Sports Talk Network programming at TheFDHLounge.com.  FDH Senior Editor and Co-Creator Jason Jones will soon be creating a spinoff brand covering sports and TV/movies with editorials and conversations on the new UNDER FUTHER REVIEW WITH JONES YouTube channel. The FDH Lounge also has three completely unique web references: The Ultimate Links Page, with 48 different sports and sports categories and 2,024 total links, The AI Hub, with dozens and dozens of the latest various aspects of how AI is proving useful personally, professionally and recreationally and The Wisdom of Experts Hub, a spinoff of the AI Hub with all-purpose knowledge from smart people.

All FDH Lounge Dignitaries are members of The 21st Century Media Alliance and some are listed with other entities as well.

Managing Partner and Co-Executive Producer Rick Morris
Senior Editor and Co-Executive Producer Jason Jones
Senior Producer Steve Cirvello
Entertainment Editor Samantha Jones
Director of Research Nate Noy
The FDH Lounge Dignitaries: Jon Adams, Simon Applebaum, John Basedow, “The Scout” Ken Becks, Adam Buckman, Lloyd Carroll, Ben Chew, Russ Cohen, Tom Denk, Ken Detwiler, Jake Digman, Tim Foust, Chris Galloway, Ron Glasenapp, Bob Glassman, Derek Joseph, Steve Kallas, Joe Lindway, Tony Mazur, Anthony Petrone, Matt Petrone, Mike Ptak, Kyle Ross, Joe Staszak and Mike Vili.


The Internet’s leading independent provider of fantasy sports content, FantasyDraftHelp.com provides coverage of all of the major American sports — football, basketball, baseball, hockey and NASCAR — in free annual draft guides, but more niche content than anyone else.  Tennis, golf, the Olympics, the World Cup, racing’s Triple Crown and more sports content populates the site.  As a matter of fact, the NASCAR guide has expanded in recent years to include coverage of the four NHRA circuits, IndyCar and Formula One — as well as a 75-driver-deep draft board with suggested league guidelines for a fantasy racing game that encompasses all of these circuits!

FantasyDraftHelp.com coverage is powered by the Ultimate Quantitative Baseline (UQB), the most accurate measure humanly available of a player’s production on a per-game basis the previous season.  Additionally, free draft guides for the NFL, NBA and NHL Entry Draft are published each year, along with one-page “Cheat Sheets” during the year for the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL and a bracket for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  FantasyDraftHelp.com provides the kind of content that helps you to win leagues and enjoy great competition with your friends in non-traditional fantasy sports.


A pioneer of online sports coverage with over two decades of content, Sportsology delivers written content and podcasts all across the world of sports, entertainment, pro wrestling, the collectibles industry, video games and much more.  Coverage emanates from a fresh perspective, devoid of clickbait, cliches and contrivances.  Sportsology proprietor Russ Cohen has built a great body of work across many different platforms, having written for such outlets as FoxSports.com, NHL.com and The Hockey News, had columns syndicated to newspapers across America and served as co-host of Hockey Prospect Radio on NHL Network Radio on Sirius/XM.  He is also a ten-time published author, with books in the baseball, hockey and basketball realms.  These books include: The Top 75 Players in Pro Basketball History, 100 Things Ranger Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, The Philadelphia Flyers (Images of Sports), “Strike Three!” — A Player’s Journey Through the Infamous Baseball Strike of 1994, Sticks and Stones: How College Hockey Prepares You for Life, Pioneers of Baseball, The Winter Classic: The NHL’s Savior, Numbers Don’t Lie: Mets: The Biggest Numbers in Mets History, 100 Ranger Greats: Superstars, Unsung Heroes and Colorful Characters and Baseball’s Best Rookies.


Tomorrow Will Be Televised is a webcast with more than 15 years of archives dedicated to the cutting edge of the intersection of TV and technology that is hosted by a veteran of four decades in TV journalism, Simon Applebaum.  The writer of a weekly column by the same name at MediaVillage, Simon brings his vast experience from trade publications such as Cablevision and Cable World to TWBT, hosting TV executives, show producers/creators, entrepreneurs launching new TV services, technology executives, TV critics, pundits and more.  TWBT airs live on BlogTalkRadio with archives also there, on iTunes and other websites arranged by Sonibyte.com.

www.blogtalkradio.com/televised & www.mediavillage.com/microsite/tomorrow-will-be-televised/


The Unheard Scene had been previously broadcasting on The Sports Talk Network and in the wake of its discontinuation is relaunching as a podcast.  Shining a light on deserving unsigned musical acts, hosts and producers Anthony Petrone and Matt Petrone have built The Unheard Scene into a showcase for the best music that you don’t know – but should know.



Kallas Remarks is the podcast that brings together two great sports broadcasting professionals: Philadelphia TV/radio veteran Joe Staszak and longtime SNY and WFAN presence and Westchester CountyPost.com sports editor Steve Kallas.  Joe and Steve bring their decades of perspective to the weekly program, delivering an educated and engaging experience consistently to their audience.



1st Down Scouting, powered by the work and insights of “The Scout” Ken Becks, exists by the credo “where your play on the field, not the jersey that you wear, matters most.”  With an unparalleled record of identifying under-the-radar college football talent, 1st Down Scouting delivers often counterintuitive insights about the NFL players of tomorrow without fear or favor.



Commtrol, under the leadership of veteran telecommunications industry professional Bob Glassman, provides unrivaled advocacy for clients seeking a trusted, quality connection to the outside world.  Aided by an incredible army of subcontractors across the board, Commtrol doggedly searches out the best consumer options available, for entities big and small.



Based in Mount Vernon, OH, lawyer Scott Pullins provides not only legal advice, but campaign management, small business advisory services, marketing and public policy expertise.



* Aside from FantasyDrafthelp.com and The FDH Lounge being owned by the same entity, there is no cross-ownership among entities in The 21st Century Media Alliance.  Our group is a coalition of independent entities cooperating on and cross-promoting various projects and sharing resources.

The finest New Media professionals going today.